white and black moon with black skies and body of water photography during night time


If our communication ceased today and I lived to see 200 years of age, memory failing me, I would still remember you. The way your laughter moved me out of sadness, the way your optimism opened my eyes to paths I was once blind to, the way a simple touch elevated my spirits.

If I never saw your face again, heaven forbid, I’d forever remember the single dimple that added a boyish charm to your ruggedly handsome face, the softness of your eyes while you were deep in thought, the brilliance of your smile and all of your beautiful teeth. I would remember you and your kindness, your spirit, your essence. I imagine that I will remember you long after this world has forgotten me.


hand full of blood

No shape or form
No consideration of others
Obliterating boundaries
Seemingly, everpresent.
Genetically prearranged or chosen out of ignorance?
Either way, it is extreme. It is brutal.
Wreaking havoc on the most delicate among us
Passed on from one elder to the other
The depths of this insanity perceived as unconquerable by the guilty
It is just the way it has always been, right?
Predictable, horrendous and lacking imagination
Robbing the young victims of peace, security, love, protection
Gleefully perpetuated throughout generations
It is not kind, it is not life, it is not hope, it is not love
Abuse and neglect, the only item you gave freely
Sadly, something also delivered to you. Passed down the family tree
An heirloom I enthusiastically relinquish.



fire flame heat hot

Unrestricted, wildly we dance
Wind in our hair, a soft mist charges our being
Here, in our dreams, we are alive. Electrified.
We are pure. We are whole. We are love.
Melding perfectly you and me, our wisdom, our imperfections,
Our brilliance, our passions, our failures, our successes. 
Two divine souls set ablaze.
Let us illuminate this world together.