Fog, Smog, Blog…

I’m writing again! A warm welcome to every person that visits this site. I hope that what you find here amuses you, offers a new perspective or simply reinforces something that you already know. I started this site nearly a year ago and allowed fear to paralyze me by constantly wondering if I had any ideas that were worthy of being written or even scarier, worthy of being READ. YIKES! It took many hours of meditation, side-eyeing this computer, starting/stopping and more meditating until finally it hit me (like a brick to the pinky toe) that of course I have something to offer, everyone has something to offer! It took me long enough to accept that truth and now here I am, sharing thoughts with like-minded beings.

I am extremely excited to share my perspective on life, dating, the journey to self-love and why the cartoons from my childhood are still the best. LOL Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Fog, Smog, Blog…

  1. Zulute (Zulu + Salute) to you Sis-Star for having the courage to express your thoughts freely. As a fellow perspective writer, I truly get satisfaction from putting thought to paper (or in the case, screen) so that room is made available for more thoughts to be conveyed. Trust, many wish to do what you do but seldom do. For that, you are to be celebrated! And I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Oh, and btw, yes, childhood cartoons take part in my sanity, ’cause sometimes you gotta laugh at this -ish!


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